Privacy Policy

The ensuing Privacy Policy outlines the procedures by which acquires and processes the Personal Data of its users. This website collects data for the sole purpose of pursuing its legitimate interest in providing an affiliate marketing service or ensuring the general maintenance and enhancement of the site. It carries out all efforts to this end in accordance with the relevant data privacy laws.


Regarding This Policy

This policy outlines the processes used by to gather, store, utilise, and protect the information that users send to us when using our website or services. Additionally, it outlines the data protection rights that apply to each and every user of the website.

Please consult the definitions of the following set of legal terms you will encounter repeatedly in this Privacy Policy:


Collection of Personal Information has an obligation to gather specific Personal Data from users of the website to deliver the platform's advertised services. We execute this task through one or more of the following methods:

During the utilisation of or the services proffered thereby, users may deliberately disclose diverse Personal Data. For instance, when an individual completes our contact form, they willingly provide their name and email address, and we consider this information to be provided voluntarily and with consent.

When a client communicates with, they may exchange information beyond their email and name across one or more exchanged messages. The user's voluntary action in providing this information signifies their freely given consent. However, any data disclosed by the user that is irrelevant to our discourse with the client or the provision of our services shall not be processed.

The website relies on cookies to keep track of how our website is doing and what the preferences or habits of our customers are, so we can better anticipate and cater to them. The use of cookies does not aim to identify users individually but rather to study them in segments based on shared characteristics or behavioural patterns.

Personal Data Handling exclusively engages in the processing of users' Personal Data to perform the services enumerated on our website, ensure a secure and pleasant browsing experience for site visitors, and explore avenues for enhancing our services in the future. We diligently adhere to all current legislation governing the protection of user data rights.'s justification for collecting and processing user data is as follows::

Please note that while may serve as the Data Controller in this context, it does not handle users' data. We do not keep any data on our systems in any way. Instead, the online casinos we recommend manage your Personal Data if you choose to register with any of them.

If you have further inquiries concerning the processing of Personal Data, we encourage you to reach out to the casino with which you have registered an account as it functions as the Data Processor in this scenario.

Why We Gather and Use Personal Information must collect specific Personal Data from its users to maintain the functionality of the website and provide the services offered by the business.

Outlined below are the distinct purposes that necessitate the collection and processing of data:

Cookies Application

Cookies are text files that serve as identifiers for users, bringing supplementary information about the performance of various aspects of our website and user engagement within different sections of our content. Accordingly, can utilise this information to conceive and implement updates aimed at enhancing the utility of our website for customers in the future.

You may encounter the following categories of cookies on

Essential Cookies

Permanent cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of this website. Devoid of these cookies, certain features such as auto-fill will become inaccessible to customers.

Google Analytics Cookies may also employ cookies provided by Google Analytics on this website to further investigate its performance. Although these cookies are not essential, they bring additional information into the preferences of our user base and the performance of our content, thus playing a significant role in the improvement of this website.

Third-party Cookies

Furthermore, the site may incorporate cookies from third parties with whom we have established partnerships.

Retaining Personal Data does not retain the information collected from its users on our servers. As we explained previously, when customers use to find an online casino or exclusive offers, our platform transmits their information to the recommended casinos. Subsequently, the responsibility for storing the user's Personal Data lies with the chosen online casino wherein the user engages and participates.

The casinos with whom we have forged partnerships adhere fully to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing the data of our users. Nevertheless, we strongly urge customers to meticulously review the Privacy Policy of their selected casino, as it may differ from our own.

Safeguarding Personal Data

Our devoted staff have diligently ensured that this website conforms to all technical requirements, thereby guaranteeing a secure and protected browsing experience for our customers. Additionally, visitors can rest assured that does not disclose their Personal Data to unauthorised parties. However, should a situation arise where it becomes necessary to share the customer's information with another third party, such as a government agency, due to legal obligations, will promptly notify the customer and seek their consent if required.

Furthermore, none of the employees of are allowed to disclose users' personal information. All staff members have signed exclusive non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Your data will only go through the minimum number of employees necessary for the fulfilment of our services.

Nevertheless, there may be exceptional circumstances in which certain organisations, such as legal authorities, may contact with requests to access the Personal Data of our users. This may happen, for instance, during a criminal investigation into a user's activities. In such cases, we commit to thoroughly assess our role and legal obligations and determine the validity of the request.

In these situations, will conduct a meticulous evaluation to ascertain whether compliance with such legitimate requests outweighs the data privacy rights of our users. We will always prioritise the rights of our customers unless there is a legal framework that overrides them.

Personal Data Distribution

In the event that a third party requests access to your Personal Data, will duly notify the customer regarding such a request.

Please note that it may be necessary for you to review the Privacy Policies of other third-party websites, as they may not align entirely with our own.

Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that certain authorised third parties, aside from the recommended online casinos, are granted access to your data by We may share your Personal Data with these parties as it is essential for the operation of this website. For instance, in accordance with the site's technical specifications, our hosting provider may have access to some information given by users.

Nonetheless, we ensure that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other applicable data protection laws when sharing or processing our clients' Personal Data.

Your Data Privacy Rights

All users of our website are entitled to the following rights, as safeguarded by data privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Additional User Rights

Additional laws may apply to the collection and processing of Personal Data depending on the user's jurisdiction. We encourage site visitors to use the Contact Us form to contact for any further inquiries. We will promptly handle all requests within a maximum period of one month from the date of submission.

Corrections reserves the right to modify or update any content on our website, including this Privacy Policy. While we strive to notify customers about any changes, we retain the authority to make amendments without prior notice. All modifications to the website content take effect immediately upon their implementation. We advise users to regularly visit our policy pages to stay informed about the latest versions of these documents. Please note that by continuing to use, you provide your consent to all changes, whether or not you have been made aware of them.